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By Gary Reynolds - Posted on 28 April 2010

We talk to businesses and sole traders every day and a few things keep cropping up. What do businesses need to keep on top of their accounts function and is there an easy way to do this?

There is now!

We launched Accounting Anytime on the back of two major issues hitting the SME or sole trader in Ireland today. We believe that for a business to prosper financially, it needs to be in control of two main areas. One, we all need clear tax and a sound financial platform and secondly, up-to-date accounts information and reliable internal business data should be a priority. A handle on both puts you back in control.

Let’s take them one at a time. The old joke about life’s certainties is also one of life’s facts. Taxation is a certainty. You cannot get around it. You cannot get out of it. You just have to pay your bill and get on with it.

What you can do however is only pay what you owe. It’s possible to minimise your tax payments once you know how. This is not underhand – it’s just playing by the rules as they are laid out by our Government. It might be legislation, it might be conditions but you must know as much as possible about how taxation as a concept affects you and what you can do about it.

A One-stop-shop for your accounting needs

Accounting Anytime has built-in tax parameters and advisory warnings to help you manage your tax affairs online, easily. With your tax being looked after, you can concentrate on the business...of bringing in the business.

Within the business world in general, there is no substitute for information. Whether it’s more intelligence on your competitors, a little market research on what people want to buy and what you can possibly sell, it’s all a help. But the number one, most important, branch of business intelligence you can have is about you and your internal figures.

Having a clear overview of the major (and minor) numbers within your business should be your first port of call. Knowing what you owe, what you are owed and data like this is the lifeblood of your business. You say...’sure, I know that off the top of my head’! You might know it for this month but you need an application to give you this knowledge overtime, allowing you build up banks of information, making decisions easier and more informed. Accounting Anytime is the answer.

So, think about it. Up to-date financial information , tax taken care of and an online one-stop-shop for all your accounting needs. What more do you want? Accounting Anytime lets you run your finances...any place, any time.